Luffa and Orange Cosmos Seed Planting Instructions

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Below are some tips to consider when planting your Luffa and Orange Cosmos seeds:

Luffa Planting & Growth 

  • Luffa is a vining plant that requires a trellis structure like a fence, arbor, wall or even a tree, for support. Keep in mind, if you use a tree as support for the plant, it should be a sturdy one, like an oak tree, to support the Luffa’s fruit that can mature to weigh 5lbs. each.
  • When choosing the location for your seeds, keep in mind that Luffa are sensitive to the cold, require a lot of water and direct sunlight and 8” – 12” of space.
  • Plants can grow in patricidal sunlight as long as the space allows the vines ample space to move toward sunlight.
  • In Florida, planting is recommended in the spring and early summer
    • Planting depth from seed: ½” – ¾”
    • Germination: germinates in 70 – 80 degrees and may take 10-21 days to germinate
    • pH needs: 6.0 – 6.8
    • Soil: Luffa require fertile soil and sufficient moisture, especially during fruit development

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Orange Cosmos Planting & Growth

  • Orange Cosmos is an annual from Tropical America that is grown primarily for its beautiful flowers but may be used in landscaping as a perennial border or in front of a shrub border.
  • Cosmos have an open and sprawling habit. Their long-term health is usually not impacted by pests and they can reach a height of 1 to 3 feet.
  • The seeds of these plants will germinate in approximately one week and bloom in 2-3 months.
  • They tolerate dry, porous soils and will produce foliage instead of flowers if heavily fertilized.
  • Taller plants need to be supported or staked. Place these plants 12 to 18 inches apart in the garden. Early pinching causes branching and can increase the density of the plants.
  • Cosmos should be planted in an area of the landscape that receives full sun and keep in mind the following when planting:
    • Soil tolerances: sand; acidic; slightly alkaline; loam; clay
    • Drought tolerance: moderate
    • Soil salt tolerances: unknown

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