Luffa (Loofa) Seed Planting Instructions

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Below are some tips to consider when planting your luffa seeds:
  • Luffa is a vining plant that requires a trellis structure like a fence, arbor, wall or even a tree, for support. Keep in mind, if you use a tree as support for the plant, it should be a sturdy one, like an oak tree, to support the Luffa’s fruit that can mature to weigh 5lbs. each.
  • When choosing the location for your seeds, keep in mind that Luffa are sensitive to the cold, require a lot of water and direct sunlight and 8” – 12” of space.
  • Plants can grow in patricidal sunlight as long as the space allows the vines ample space to move toward sunlight.
  • In Florida, planting is recommended in the spring and early summer
    • Planting depth from seed: ½” – ¾”
    • Germination: germinates in 70 – 80 degrees and may take 10-21 days to germinate
    • pH needs: 6.0 – 6.8
    • Soil: Luffa require fertile soil and sufficient moisture, especially during fruit development
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