Shangri-La Springs continues renovations post-Hurricane Irma

Local historic property to complete renovations in 2018, unveils new logo

 Shangri-La Springs, a historic property in downtown Bonita Springs, has resumed its scheduled renovations following the effects of Hurricane Irma. The property is currently undergoing interior renovations to its existing hotel rooms and an expansion of its dining room and kitchen. The Spa at Shangri-La Springs will remain open during the renovation and the on-site fitness programs will return on Thursday, Dec. 14. The organic restaurant and full-service boutique hotel are slated to open in 2018.
In the wake of Hurricane Irma, Shangri-La Springs paused its renovations for necessary cleanup. The property invested in significant cleanup efforts, collecting debris to repurpose as mulch and other reusable resources to use on the organic property. The boutique resort sustained minimal damage to its buildings, and its landscape and organic gardens sustained substantial damage, requiring significant rehabilitation. The two 80-year-old Mysore fig trees on the property withstood the effects of the hurricane.
“We are glad that Shangri-La Springs withstood the effects of Hurricane Irma, and that we are able to continue renovations,” said Lee Bellamy, Shangri-La Springs general manager. “This historic property has weathered storms for more than 90 years and over those years the property has been nurtured back to its beloved glory following each storm. As with other businesses in Bonita Springs and throughout Southwest Florida, we are on our way to recovery, one day at a time. We appreciate the support and concern from the community as we continue our cleanup efforts and rehabilitate the vegetation, and work towards our goal of reopening as a full-service boutique hotel.”
Shangri-La Springs is currently undergoing renovations to its Great House and Longhouse. Interior renovations to the Great House include an upgraded kitchen, enlarged dining room, upgraded restaurant patio, conference room and 21 guest rooms. In addition to the guest rooms in the Great House, Shangri-La Springs is renovating six rooms located near its spa. The property has started renovations to its upstairs guest rooms in the Great House, installing new plumbing and lighting, and has completed the renovation of its Longhouse ADA-compliant restrooms, expanding the stalls, adding air conditioning units and baby-changing tables. Renovations to the patio adjacent to the restaurant, the dining room and kitchen are underway and are slated for completion in the coming months.
As renovations are underway, Shangri-La Springs is pleased to also announce the unveiling of a new logo, representing the “rebirth” of Shangri-La Springs as a full-service hotel. The new logo, designed by Priority Marketing, a full-service marketing, public relations, advertising and digital marketing firm, mimics a small decorative tile that is located on the outside of the Great House. Filled with natural calming colors, the new logo accurately reflects the tranquil environment at Shangri-La Springs.

The Spa at Shangri-La Springs reopened following Hurricane Irma on Oct. 3 and remains open during renovations to the property on Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Shangri-La Springs will continue its Art & Nature Community Night in December. During the renovation, the property will continue venue rentals for weddings and private events. To book an event at Shangri-La Springs, call 239-949-0749 or visit for more information. 


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