What is Shavasana?

Shavasana, or corpse pose, is the final relaxation of every practice and it is arguably the most important pose a practitioner will do. It is the ritualistic close to a practice to award that hard work with the meditative contemplation it deserves.

What Happens to the Body During Shavasana?

During shavasana, the body has a chance to relax after all that hard work. Heart rate slows, Muscles relax, and after spending a practice focusing on what each part of the body is doing, being still allows a practitioner to focus on the one thing that’s still moving: the breath. Savasana can also really beneficial to those suffering from anxiety because in slowing one’s breathing, blood pressure also decreases.
Performing shavasana at the end of your practice also gives the body an opportunity to integrate the new information it acquired while stretching and posing. Bodies are constantly evolving and changing with the new information provided to them during exercise and this relaxation gives the body a few minutes to process what it has learned.
It is also important during this time for a practitioner to review their body to notice any areas of muscle tension. If any are found, this is a time to consciously release that tightness to deepen the relaxation.
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