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The Spa at Shangri-La Springs Resort offers innovative wellness technology to improve microcirculation, increase energy

Local resort spa introduces BEMER technology sessions 
The Spa at Shangri-La Springs Resort has introduced a new spa service aimed to promote healthy circulation, stress reduction, self-healing and increase energy levels. The BEMER technology transfers electromagnetic energy to the body through a mat, helping to increase oxygen to the organs and assist the cells to self-regulate and self-heal. Recently earning silver for Bonita’s Best Spa by The Banner, The Spa at Shangri-La Springs continues to be a spa industry leader as the first resort spa to introduce the BEMER technology treatment in Bonita Springs. The highly effective and non-invasive BEMER technology treatment is based on microcirculation, using a mat which is connected to a computerized signaling system to transfer electromagnetic energy throughout the body. During the session, the guest will recline on the mat and relax for up to 16 minutes in a serene room, with low lighting and relaxing background music. The innovative Eur…

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